[Enhancements] Support Module and Support Portal

Hi Community,

This is Harshit here, with the latest release we have made few enhancements in Support Module and have also enabled modernized Support Portal as per the standards.

Note: All enhancements mentioned are available only in ERPNext Version 13 Beta.

Keep reading to know what’s new:

Issue Metrics:

Now, ERPNext captures the essential metrics required to monitor performance and provides all the relevant information to take actions accordingly.

  • Average Response Time: The average time taken to reply.
  • Resolution Time: Total time consumed to close the issue.
  • User Resolution Time: Total time consumed by the user to close the issue. (This avoids the time taken by the Customer to reply)
  • Total Hold Time: Total time of the User waiting for the Customer to reply.

Changes in SLA:

  • We have removed Service Level DocType and now everything is easy to configure from Service Level Agreements.
  • Now, you can configure custom Status at which you would like SLA to pause the Resolution time.

Introducing Support Portal:

Try out our new Support Portal, you can access it through <your URL/support>

  • The Greeting Text (We’re here to help.) can be configured via Support Settings.
  • Frequently Read Articles section displays your Help Articles based on the number of views you have had on your article.
  • Help Articles display all the categories along with a few recent articles.

Features that are yet to come:

  • Search Bar in Support Portal
  • New reports for Support module
  • Raise/View Issues directly from the support portal

These are the few new changes we have incorporated recently, although it is an ongoing process, it would be great if we get feedbacks and bugs reported to fix it on the go.

Let’s evolve ERPNext Support to ERPNext Helpdesk.


This is awesome! I’ve went into the settings of it, and discovered there’s a section for Forum. And I wonder, what are forum software did you develop the and test this section on?

Awesome work!

can you specify which release that exactly is?


Forum section has been there since 2018 I assume.
It was created a while ago so, I can’t provide you any information against it but discourse might be the one which we might have tested.

The Forum section needs to be revisited and is not User Friendly as of now to set up.
We are planning to either remove or fix it as it is not up to the standards of ERPNext.


already did.


Gotcha. I wonder what happened to Social on v13. I was thinking you guys were headed in the direction that focuses strictly on the business side of things on the system.

I am trying to find out how the support module works:

  • What is the Get Started Sections good for? I expected a standard text on the /support page, but it seems something different.
  • How can I add a gitlab WIKI page (on which we have answered many support questions) as a Link source?
  • How can users create a support ticket from the /support page?


  1. Its a section for search de articles, and view the most comon topic read for customers.
  2. Never see that functionality in ERPNext. They have a wiki app for that purpose (search your repositories wiki) .
  3. With a WebForm the Issue doctype, the customer login ot not, they can create issue for a web page portal.