Enhancements to Bank Reconciliation tool

Our accountants asked for 2 changes in bank reconciliation tool.

  • Change the grid static display template to something like following.

  • Show unreconciled entries from previous days even if we select a date range. eg if from and to date is set to 01-04-2015 the uncleared entries from 30-04-2015 should also show up in the table. The purpose of this is to see all entries for the selected date range (even reconciled) + uncleared entries from past/previous dates

I have build this up, if this is a generic requirement then i can send in a PR. should i?

@BhupeshGupta: Regarding your 2 points please see the replies:

  1. Regarding showing of un-reconciled vouchers even if the voucher date is out of range of selected range of date, I would strongly disagree for a specific example. Suppose there is a new user and has around 1000 entries in the bank which not reconciled then what would happen if your accountant’s suggestion is implemented is that all the entries would show up which could lead to the browser becoming unresponsive due to the suggest glutting of data on the browser. I know this thing is available in Tally but I can remember distinctively that when I implemented Bank Reconciliation in Tally after about 8 years of data then due to this thing the Tally software used to crash as there were like 10000 odd un-reconciled entries showing at the same time.

  2. You can change the display by going to customize form view and selecting Bank Reconciliation tool and change which ever fields you want to show and hide as a personal preference.