Enhancing ERPNext Healthcare Module with Telemedicine Features

Hello everyone.

Is there anyone working on (or willing to work on) adding Telemedicine features to the Healthcare module of ERPNext? I am thinking of stuff like video and voice sessions, patient queues, waiting rooms, seeing patients 1-on-1 or in a group, adding other healthcare practitioners to the session, send auto-confirmations and reminders via email or Whatsapp or SMS or a combination of all 3, notifications, reports, automatic recording and attachment to doctypes via AWS S3 for remote storage all within ERPNext. Probably through the Patient Appointment and Patient Encounter doctypes.



Hi, thanks for posting. We are working on adding conferencing to google calendar integration which is already available in Frappe. Healthcare module will be able to use Google Meet for telemedicine, and I guess Google Meet by default allows saving recordings on Google Drive. Will post here as we ready this, mostly in a week or so.

Also it’ll be nice if you can create an issue with your detailed requirements related to Patient queues etc. we’ll pick that up in the coming iterations.