Enhancing the Manufacturing Module

Hello community,

It is time to enhance (seriously enhance) the manufacturing module. Can all interested people please detail out their requirements? You have time till December 31, to detail out your requirements. If you have already listed the requirements someplace or thread else, please provide the link here.

The more diverse the industries we cover, the more comprehensive the requirements going to be.




Hello, Jay.
May I ask, is it some kind of crowdfunding campaign?

Let’s answer that question a little later, if you don’t mind. Let’s first detail out all the requirements first. We definitely won’t be able to do everything, but we can prioritize the requirements and worry about budgets at that time.



Sure, no problem! Thanks for initiative whatever it is. I’ll come back and post here if we find some particular requirements regarding manufacturing module.

Issues tagged as manufacturing on GH


A major development in the manufacturing environment would be better production planning capabilities.


  • Improving the operation scheduling system to include lead times for purchased parts
  • Allowing adjustment to the schedule based on changes to lead times, # of parts produced in a shift (move schedule up if parts completed faster than originally scheduled, add extra shifts if behind schedule)
  • More co-ordinated scheduling based on in stock quantities (can’t build assembly #2 until child assembly #1 is built, so scheduling parts so that their dependancies are built / arrived first)

Other things that would help:

  • Improved control of assembly documents (that tie into the operations for BOMs)
  • Better analysis tools for production (efficiency analytics, deadline delivery analysis tools)
  • Find parent BOMs by child item from the Item doc form

I’m sure there are many more things, but these are ones that my company will be looking for in the future (and that I likely will need to start working on in the next 6-12 months).


I have a couple of issues in Github already (which Rmehta has shared) for the manufacturing module, but I think overall @Ben_Cornwell_Mott has nailed it.

More advanced and flexible production scheduling based on all the the information that’s already in the system is the way forward for ERPNext Manufacturing. ERPNext is a fantastic database that generates excellent reports on static data, but good scheduling is fluid, adaptable, and integrated with all departments. Also, easy visibility is a must. The new Gantt chart will be very useful.

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I believe basic Bin/Shelf/Location information would be useful for stock entry. When doing a production order, I would like to print out the order with the BOM material needed, the amount per item, the Bin/Shelf/Location where this item is stored, and instructions on how to create the product.

Hi Jay Ram

I wish to have offline manufacturing execution system

Related to the above is ERPNext: Git / Github for Open Source Hardware -- Call For Beta User(s) (“ERPNext: Git / Github for Open Source Hardware – Call For Beta User(s) – Announcement”)

Another tack on determining mainstream requirements is to do a gap analysis of an existing ERP package focused on manufacturing. The documents below can provide details on one such package – DBA Software.

If this enhancement exercise moves forward, I would be happy to lead or assist with the gap analysis of ERPNext versus DBA Software.

I’ve posted that requirement some time ago:

I’m not totally sure if our request falls well in the “Manufacturing” module, so please let me know if doesn’t.

What we are usually doing in spreadsheets and would be great to have in ERPNext is a BOM comparison (as in the attachment). Hope it’s self-explanatory

Ok, where to go from here? Many issues have been raised for the manufacturing module, what is the best way forward now?

Perhaps making a list of all the issues raised, creating Github issues for each one (if not already done), tagging them all “manufacturing”, and starting a bounty on the whole lot?

@Dbone & all: There are a whole bunch of good suggestions on the manufacturing module. I am going to sit and compile all inputs and my thoughts together and present to the community my first cut approach by Monday, Jan 9.

We will then seek inputs from the community for another week and then come up with the roadmap for the manufacturing module. Yes, bounty seems to be the best way of going about it.



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I think a custom report should be able to help you achieve this. @UmaG can you please guide @strixaluco about how to go about creating a custom report for their needs?



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Hi @strixaluco,

I have done some similar reports on BOM through using custom script reports. You can take a look at them and change your code accordingly… nhance/nhance/nhance/report/bom_item_warehouse at master · umaepoch/nhance · GitHub



Thanks a lot for sharing your report, @JayRam and @UmaG, I’ll try to tweak it for our needs.

@UmaG @JayRam why not add it as a contribution :slight_smile:

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