Enqueue not enqueing, function executed immediately and blocking


I am on Frappe Framework: v13.13.0 (version-13) and developer mode is “on” in my bench.
I am running in a VM and running/debugging with VSCode.

My launch.json in VSCode starts with the following options:
“args”: [“frappe”, “serve”, “–port”, “8000”, “–noreload”, “–nothreading”

I am trying to enqueue a function but the function is not enqueued. Instead, the function is directly executed and blocks frappe from answering any other requests while the function executes.

I try to enqueue with:
enqueue(method=function_i_want_to_call), queue=‘long’, is_async=True)

Is this normal if bench is started with “bench start” and not in production mode?

I see in the logs that the scheduler is started and different jobs are executed regularly…

I also tried this:

Any ideas?

Thank you!