Entering Price List and Currency in Sales Order Repeatedly


The sales order page is extremely complicated out of the box, as we enter sometimes hundreds of orders a day, I’m looking to remove the useless fields:

  • price list : it is always the same
  • currency : it is always the same
  • delivery date / rate in the items table: I don’t understand the needs of this, the delivery date is already set and the Rate as well (is this the Exchange rate ? Who has different exchange rate per item ??)

@Alfonco_Rodriguez those values are already defaulted. Which version are you on?

I’m on the cloud trial web version, I have to select the price list and currency

and ideally I don’t want to have the delivery date field present in the table so I can input the hundreds of items we sell faster

currently using excel i just input 2 fields (item code, price) which is super efficient

Or rather, the currency is set to EUR by default where I’d like to have it as XOF

And the only selling price list that I have is not selected by default… the price list is empty by default