Entire stock Face off

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I have been using ERPnext for around 3 years. we are sign making company. our stock is a mess up due to lack of knowhow and experience during initial years, so we want to disable/freeze the current items and recreate & Re-enter for a fresh start(only stock). Please let us know how this can be done.

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Shereef Musthafa

  1. Bring all the current items to zero with a Stock Reconciliation, offset to a Difference account that is an expense account set up for this purpose.
  2. Mark those items as “Disabled”
  3. Enter your fresh inventory with a Stock Reconciliation, also offsetting to the same difference account

What I would do is set up a group Difference account with two child accounts, one for the first Stock Reconciliation, one for the second one.
Then you have to decide what to do with the remaining discrepancy! Ask an accountant! Probably expense it, or adjust equity balances. that would depend on your business structure, laws and practices.


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Thank you very much Mr. Mike.

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