Entries not showing up in general ledger since 8 days, please help

I noticed that any new entries of the last 8 days (sales invoices, purchase invoices, etc.) don’t show up in the general ledger. Only one cost declaration has shown up in the general ledger for the last week. I have no idea what causes the difference in the cost declaration relative to the other entries. There are no errors in the log regarding the general ledger whatsoever. We haven’t run any update either. Does someone recognize this strange behaviour? Or does someone know how to fix it?

We run:
ERPNext: v10.0.7 (master)
Frappe Framework: v10.0.8 (master)

Strange. Seems no one in the community is facing this issue.

Can you upgrade and check again? Any message in the Error Log of your account?

Hello Umair,

Thank you for your reply. I will update and check again. I have no error message in the error log. I will post my update soon.

We ended up to re-do all the entries in a backup from the day before the issue started. I have done a lot of testing but haven’t found what triggered this strange behaviour. The only thing I can imagine is a faulty import of payment entries that kept on ‘in progress’, while it was succesfull in reality.

Hi , I also have a problem similar to this Our general ledger is showing no transactions, Customers Accounting Ledger is also showing 00.00. However the trial Balance is showing correctly.We cannot produce customer statements.
Could you have come across this or be having a way of troubleshooting it?


I’m sorry to hear that. I have never really found the cause of the issue. We ended up reproducing our postings for one whole week. We have daily backups, but only noticed the issue after one week. I have to say I am still a bit afraid of it to happen again.

Is there anyone with a solution to this problem? I’m facing the same problem