EPNEXT Desk after login page

Dear All,
I have successfully login using administrator user and password, however, in home page there is no app nor I can configure domain or other modules etc. Would any body assist to proceed ahead. Screenshot is attached.

i think you should install ERPNext app
by running these commands in your project folder

1- bench --site site_name reinstall
2 -bench get-app  https://github.com/frappe/erpnext.git --branch version-12
3- bench install-app erpnext

After 15 days after, I have successfully installed erpnext on WSL window 10. I faced multiple issues in manual installation of v12, however, it was interesting learning. I can precisely summarized steps as under:

  1. Install all requirement and confirm services are running or not.
  2. Clone frappe repo and initiate it.
  3. Initiate erpnext, I failed at this stage many times, finally bech update —patch fix the issue.
  4. All unncessary sites may be deleted from folder and reboot the system.
  5. Login to updated version of internet explore to view all modules…

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