ERP Education Instance with example Data

Hello, Im looking for solutions to manage a high school, what they mainly need is the education part of it. Meaning grades, courses, reports, attendance and others. Not much in the finance part of it, but my idea is to take them there. The thing is that I want to do a presentation to them with an instance that already has data in it. Because It would also help me understand how each part of the system connects to each other. So I was wondering is there is some instance, like the VM but with example data already in it. Thank you very much for any help.

Hi @Javier_Lopez

You can install demo data of erpnext,

Start with a fresh site, create new site and follow these steps

bench --site reinstall

Install Demo

bench --site execute erpnext.demo.demo.make --args “[‘Education’, 10]”

If Demo breaks, to continue

bench --site execute erpnext.demo.demo.simulate --args “[‘Education’, 10]”