ERP goes down continuously

ERP goes down in local network continuously and automatically comes up but working with other network when it goes down.

check whether fail2ban is active on your system

when i used command sudo fail2ban-client status, it shows:-
bench@erp:~$ sudo fail2ban-client status
|- Number of jail: 2
`- Jail list: nginx-proxy, sshd

And we have approx. 100 workers who work on ERPNext at same time.
Please find the system configuration that is it compatible with the number of users to work on it or we have to upgrade the server for better performance.

Processor = Intel® Xeon® processor E3-1225 v5
Intel Pentium® G4400

Cache = 8MB cache on Intel Xeon E3-1225 v5
3MB on Pentium G4400

Chipset Intel C236

Memory = 8 GB DDR4

Hard Drive= 1 T

Availability Error Correction Code (ECC) memory

Systems management = Intel AMT 11.0 (Only on Intel Xeon CPU)

Here, I am showing you my jail.conf file details. Please find below:-

 #  WARNING: heavily refactored in 0.9.0 release.  Please review and
 #           customize settings for your setup.
 #  Changes:  in most of the cases you should not modify this
 #            file, but provide customizations in jail.local file,
 #            or separate .conf files under jail.d/ directory, e.g.:
 #  It will probably be overwritten or improved in a distribution update.
 #  Provide customizations in a jail.local file or a jail.d/customisation.local.
 #  For example to change the default bantime for all jails and to enable the
 #  ssh-iptables jail the following (uncommented) would appear in the .local file.
 #  See man 5 jail.conf for details.
 #  bantime = 1h
 #  [sshd]

try disabling fail2ban

How can i add ip address in ignoreip list for jail?
Kindly share the configuration according to mine that i have shared in previous post.

“How can i add ip address in ignoreip list for jail?”

Try this - create a /etc/fail2ban/jail.local and add an entry as explained here

how to check which ip is attacking continuously on the server which makes the server down and how to stop the DoS attacks on the server

On cloud server DDoS is already in built. If you have local server and all user are on intranet then maybe you can block the internet access of the server. Have local IP for connecting.

There are mostly users who are work from home, that’s why we have enabled the internet on the server.

I have a firewall also and I have already block the ddos attacks through it.
But, when I want to access erp in local network , it goes continuously down. But on the same time, If I use other network , say on Mobile, it works fine.
So, Where is the problem? In server machine or in leased line or in site configuration file.
I am using a Dell Poweredge T30 Server having 16GB of RAM. And approx. users are 250 +.