ERP in Cloud Computing

For a school project we need to migrate a ERP (Odoo) in Cloud,we need to know the logiciel that we can use to do the simulation

You shoud use ERPNext, not Odoo!

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If i usee ERPNext how can i do the simulation ?(like use virtual machines)

Use ERPNext with AWS or Google Cloud! You’ll love it.

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I try AWS but its not free, What i need how can i create Virtual machines in Virtualbox for example (create IAAS) than i will do the immigration


AWS - Amazon EC2 is free for a year with a micro instance (Virtual Machine - IaaS)

Just create an account, SSH to the virtual machine and follow the easy install of ERPNext.

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I think the task is not to install an ERP system on a cloud server but to migrate a local system to a cloud server.

Maybe you could enlighten us :smile: