ERP Next 14 shows only updating on main page

I followed the below tutorial to install erpnext 14 in my ubuntu server, however when I try to access the server via http://site1.local I only get a Updating page.

No error logs either in my erp-next application folder or nginx
except for this very cryptic error message in my site log.
2023-11-10 13:47:31,517 ERROR frappe New Exception collected with id: 2023-11-10 13:47:31.515525-
Site: site1.local
Form Dict: {}

Thanks for any help before hand.

Please, Run the following bench commands:

bench --site {site_name} set-config maintenance_mode 0
bench restart
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Hi Mohamed,
bench restarted without reporting any issues after running the command, but no change in the web page.

This worked.
bench --site site1.local set-maintenance-mode off

I’m a newb at erpnext.