ERP Next for Construction Project Management?

Is there any construction management module available for ERPNext ?
The project module can be used for construction management but there are many limitations and does not fully work as required for a construction project.

Has anyone been using Erpnext for construction industry, if yes how? Can you share the workflow, customizations or other resources, etc. ?

Why need a separate Construction module? since most of the operations in construction are procurement, Sale, Accounting, CRM, and HR which are core modules of ERPNext itself so why do we need a separate module?

Because most industries have specific processes, hence the author mentions that Project Management module of ERPNext does not meet all the requirements.

I think this feature, once in production will help: feat: Items/BOQ in Task by noahjacob · Pull Request #28757 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

We use manufacturing module for a construction company, but it’s very tedious to the user.


Workflow for different industries are different.
Why do you need a ERP at all when you have Excel ?

I also found Manufacturing module difficult for construction.