ERP Next for factory floor - Automated Quality Control

Hello, we’re building a heavily automated manufacturing station that automatically performs quality control on each item produced by using cameras and various sensors. So basically what happens is that for each item one could have an ok value or an error code.

What we would like to achieve is to have a complete list of items ordered by serial number for each work order. Once the work order is filled with the required number of approved items (ok value = True) it should be automatically closed and an email notification is sent to the head of production. Data about the error code must be shown through pie charts and graphs as well.

What do you need it would be the best course of action for this? Do you think it can be done?

Thank you

If you could point me to existing resources I would gladly appreciate it, thanks again

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Is this something that is not doable with ERP next?

Interesting project needs some AI and image processing

No I do have the Ai technology. I only need to write on erp next from my ai code. Is that possible?

@asplund - have you looked at the API documentation? We have done IoT enabled automations using custom apps built on Frappe - not ERPNext itself but the APIs are essentially the same.

If you have more specific questions, happy to answer.

either make a custom module that has the doctype, fields and UX for your application backend storage needs.
or you can use the already existing quality feature and just add some custom fields where you save the output from your “AI inspection app”. We usually save a high-level ‘test-step-name’ + result in the correct unit or scientific (sdf) format, together with a field with just raw json for additional verbose params that could be nice to store side-by-side.

tell us more how your thing works, sounds interesting!