ERP Next - HTML Email Template editor limitations/reference

I’ve been trying to import over an email template from mailchimp that one of my designers created.
I copied the html of that into an email template and it seems like the html editor struggles to handle certain kinds of formatting.

Is there any reference for what the email template html editor can or can’t handle?
It seems like it has some ability to handle css/scripts but its hard to tell where the problem is in my template.

It’s important to me that the design is preserved but I also need to ensure that it can access document properties like {{name}}, {{customer}}, {{po_no}} etc.
The output html is not pretty with many inline stylings. It would be difficult to start from scratch.

At present I’ve been working on culling elements that don’t seem to contribute to the whole (vestigal elements from the mail chimp template) and when I send the email to myself some elements do indeed render correctly but it’s not even close to correct.

Does anyone have any guidance to offer for html in the email template

I’m running into the same issue. No clear indications found so far.

What did you end up doing?

I ended up writing a python program that pulled the info I needed from ERP next to complete my html template via api calls. Then I sent email with gmail api instead.
I’m planning to add another erpnext api call to my program to move the state of the documents along in a work flow to signal that emails have been sent since the email will not occur in the log for that docType.

Bit of a sucky work around tbh.

Oh wow, that sounds extensive.

Thank you for your reply!