ERPdown after trying to Update

I was trying to do some updates on the ERP but the page went down and now when I run a systemctl status mariadb it says:

Is this a new installation or has it been updated previously without problems?
What is the OS, ERPnext versions?
Some updates? What commands were used?
Does bench mariadb open?
Have you tried reinstalling mariadb-server?

its only when I tried updating it from the version 11 to the version 12

I also updated my pyhthon from 2.7 to 3.7

im not sure bout the bench MariaDB but I don’t want to lose any valuable information on my database

Did you try: bench switch-to-branch version-12 --upgrade

If you did make a backup of the database or if one was made during the attempt to update you could copy the files from ~/frappe-bench/sites//private/ backups to another location before proceeding.

Then I would try apt update && apt install mariadb-server before trying the upgrade again.