ERPNext 1-user free cloud version gets archived on inactivity

To people thinking of using the free 1 user version of ERPNext. I was using this and building upp all my contacts, billing etc.
Ended upp in hospital for a month after an accident and when i returned my account had been aken down and all the info in it.
Will be going over to freshbooks instead. Att least my data will be secure there

The last I heard on, inactive accounts are not deleted and lost.

My understanding is that after 40 days of inactivity, accounts are simply archived.

Send an email to to request that your account be reactivated


Also, inactivity limits are only applied to free accounts - for obvious reasons. This is common industry practice. There are no inactivity limits for paid accounts.

Move over to a paid account and you’ll be fine - it’ll be significantly cheaper than Freshbooks for you most likely.

Hey @Mikael_Johansson1 since you were inactive for a month, your account was probably archived. Drop a mail to to resolve your issue.


Do regular backups,
you can restore from it any time.

Hope this helps.

Terrible news about your accident @Mikael_Johansson1. I hope you are doing well after your stint at the hospital.

We do hope you will send that email to try and retrieve your data and you will find it appropriate to continue to use ERPNext.