ERPNext 12.7.0 Represents Company must be unique

I just created a github bug Represents Company must be unique while creating customer · Issue #21349 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Updated to 12.7.0 this morning. Can’T create new customer. Always get the error Represents Company must be unique when I hit save.
If I check internal customer. I see that Reprends company is set to the onle one company in erpnext and it should work but it doesnt…
I need a solution asap. I’m using erpnext all day long

I just realised that in the custom doc type we can go in the represent company and uncheck the unique checkbox. Then save docttype and it’s fine after that.

Great news. Easy fix!

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Now the questions are:

  • does the represent company a custom field or original ERPNext? ( I haven’t tried 12.7.0)
  • if original, does the unique checkbox checked from the repo or ‘accidentally’ checked by you?

Because if it is from original ERPNext repo, then it is still a bug (if not intentionally set that way in v12.7.0). I see that the github issue had been closed.

I never added this field so it’s from ERPNext and I never checked it either so yes it’s still a bug. But why I’m the only one who got the bug?

Hi @Samuel_Gervais, you’re not the only one

…And yes, that field should actually be unique. The bug causes it to get populated even though it’s hidden and the ‘Ignore User Permissions’ option is ticked. In our case, we had to clear the values from that column (in the db) and change the permission level of the field as a temporary fix