ERPnext 12 - Setup Wizard missing Company and Domain creation?

I just setup a fresh v12 version and the Setup Wizard let me create a new user, but the Company and Domain and Account creation was completely missing.

Did I miss a step while installing or can I create a new Company later on? I’m logged in the Dashboard but it is very limited except for the admin sections.

Do I need to reinstall everything or can I just finish installation from within the admin dashboard? If yes, where to go and what to do?!

Can you post a screenshot of the view after login? I fear you may have not installed ERPNext on the site.

To check, you can run the following command in the frappe-bench directory:

bench --site <sitename> list-apps

I already wiped this version, while I think you were right that I missed installing something, because tracing back my install commandline history I skipped installing erpnext.