ERPNExt 13.11 : completion of Issue 27464


With me using erpnext in a manufacturing environment, my eye caught the fix in the new erpnext.

May I confirm my interpretation of this:

I have run another production run of a batch of 4 units on my system of which the BOm is built for 1 unit.

The costs of the material request after manufacturing
lists the material costs of 4 units and the additioanl costs of 4 units. ( Using V12.24 )

Question 1
This correction/ fix will allow a user to choose between
the existing way it is done in V12 (show total cost of
production run ) and to have those
costs indicated per BOM unit (1), on the material
transfer after the produciton run is done?

In both cases, the value per unit that is indicated
in the stock entry has stayed unchanged?