ERPNext 13 - Healthcare module - cannot delete lab test


I am currently experimenting with the production virtual box installation and am having trouble deleting an experimental lab test. I feel like I’ve exhausted all options with no success. Somehow I managed to “cancel” the lab test that was make using a lab test template but now I am unable to delete the test nor the template.

Any help/advice available will be most appreciated.


P.S. Additional information - This is from the perspective of the admin user (account created when first setting up ERPNext). Maybe I need to create an additional user and give them a role or permission that allows for deleting a lab test/template? If this is the case though, it seems odd that the admin account would not be allowed to delete tests…maybe that is by design. I will experiment a bit and comment back later.

Lab Test doctype is a submittable doctype. These documents cannot be deleted. You can read more about it here.


Thank you for the clarification here. I’m not sure that I understand the underlying logic but it’s good to know this is now it is designed to function.



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