Erpnext 14 installation failed

I try to install erpnext 14 on ubuntu 20 but t get this error when bench init

any solution please ?


it may help to say which instructions were followed to install.

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Are you trying to install frappe-bench on Ubuntu 22 or 20?

i try on ubuntu 20
i installed it before ، but i can’t find the commands i used
(i need to install cpanel and cpanel is not supported ubuntu22)

Ubuntu 20

If cPanel is a must and a workaround for 22 can’t work, then another possibility could be to try Docker.

Please, Can you send me installation instruction.

The ERPNext Docker page can be found here:

The single server example is probably the one to try for a first time user.

Thanks, I’ll try and if I face any problem I’ll call you thanks again