ERPNext 14 Support E-Mail Adress SMTP

Hello everyone,

i have a question.
I have configured 2 E-Mail addresses. One for Support/Helpdesk and the other one for everything else.

If i write a message to it works fine, then a supportticket would be created.
But if i would like to reply to the customer from the ticket it will be use the other email like but i would like to use the helpdesk email. is standard smtp email address.

If i delete everythink works fine.
What can i do to fix this issue?

helpdesk email settings:

Check what email account is configured in your user …

Hope this helps.

Hello avc,

thank you now it works…

And and how can I reply to a ticket if i create a new email?

when i reply to the support email i see the email in the ticket system but if i create a new email and set the issue id in the subject it creat a new ticket?

Is it possible to create a new email and automatically assign it to the old ticket?

If yes how can i do that?

Thank you for reply.