ERPNext 14... What would you like to see?

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ABA file support would be nice. Excel is nice and all but banks usually work with ABA files, this would save a ton of conversion time

Thanks. I’ve been using Sap B1 for 18 years and Danamics 365 for about a year. Recently, using ERPnext 13.5, I am making an ERP for electric vehicle charger operation. I’m having a hard time finding a manual for developers.


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You can find the developer documentation here:

The expense entry for things like utilities as mentioned before.
As well as the stock to asset movement.
EG Capturing taxes back from credit accounts, and removal of stock items, and creation of an asset.

I make computers and servers for a living. Some of these are for my business, others are for customers. I only keep stock of parts. If I want to make a server for the business the current method is terrible with all the journal entries that go with it. This is something that should just be there.

To me it seems like ERPNext has great features and a good skeleton, but too many important things are missing. Like utility payments, sales costs (shipping costs being linked to a sales order), creating assets from stock items. These are all things I’ve done at every manufacturer I’ve worked at, and now am having to do in ERPNext.
Except ERPNext, I have to design the modules myself or go through a dozen various journal entries and hope they all balance at the end.

Dont wanna spam so: Calendly Replacement - Display Google Calendar internally
Basically wish to somewhat replicate Calendly within ERPNext


+1 on the ABA file support. Also, batch statements. Also adding the idea of a “booking” system to the calendar would open ERPNext up for hotel and field service industries, also automotive and other small businesses that make appointments and such. If ERPNext is serious about SME’s they should think more about the quality of life improvements for small businesses.

But doesnt that require a link field in the child table?

I think this is very important; #make_upgrade_from_UI !

I hope to see this one day in Frappe/ERPNext



a price to maitance the source code (99usd i think is a greate price) and more documentation to developers. Of course best reports maybe a gread add but a option is conect to external reports servers (I use PowerBi with API to all my reports now).

Can you share the details how to use which API in powerBI? thanks.

An advancement of the projects module, with detailed project planning,cost estimation something better than CANDY CSS for project management

Oh and could we have form tabs? Frappe already has the functionality in the form of collapsible sections but id would be nice to translate that to horizontal tabs at the top of the form instead of vertical sections. Most web-apps utilize this in one way or another.

If I understand you correctly this feature was merged recently:

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This is really nice.

Time to test this

Tested by few members , Bugs Reported at Github

Ooof yes, this is exactly what I wanted. Kudos to the frappe team for this. Although a slight border to differentiate would have been nice

How does sidebar sub items sound? All cards and shortcuts appearing underneath an active sidebar selection as sub items.

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