ERPNext 14... What would you like to see?

I would love to see @adam26d Expense doctype (different from Expense Claim) merged into core:
The current way of having to use Journal Entries is too complicated for staff not familiar with proper accounting procedures.


definitely the concept is a winner from a usability perspective

business case with needed details?

Not sure the point you are trying to get across.

I want this for version-12 :slight_smile:

how you adapted sales order function? what is your expected job costing feature in more detail?

Agree Warehouse/Location/Bin system is Important.

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For me personally, in my experience using and presenting erpnext, people will always concern regarding the navigation flow. User need to go page after page even though the process is closely related with each other. They say it is confusing to go page after page and endup going back to awesome bar finding where they were started. So far, all functionalities for the erpnext has already superb. Like odoo, it uses tabs and wizard like ui and table field columns really easy to understand for vast majority of users. Overall good job to frappe team for this very good product.


I have used the system, in production, for the past almost three years. It is a serious system, used in a legal practice.

Three core things I would change (if it was up to me), is the layout i.e. more like Axelor. It feels unnatural to scroll all over the place in ERPNEXT. Tabs would be perfect - I have noted the reasons why this is not done.

The second being a more refined document management system / component (DMS).

Lastly, document & data encryption at rest. With the rollout of the General Data Protection Regulations in almost all jurisdictions, encryption is becoming more important.

Kudos to the developers for doing an absolutely amazing job.


We did not use the system for an IR legal firm due to the lack of client accounting. If the a job costing type module was available probably could have adapted that.
So job costing module, or start of, would be good in v14.

  • API for stock level or quick stock

This is already there. Maybe not well documented, The “Bin” doctype gives you info about current stock levels by Item-warehouse combinations. You can query it like any other doctype via API. There are also several whitelisted functions in get_item_detail that can give you more info. I’ll get some of this documented in ERPNext docs.

Ability to convert stock in different UOM base on item UOM configuration

You can convert UOM in ledger “views”. Any use-case for actually changing UOM of posted data?

Here are a couple ideas:

  1. Addition of tag fields, they work similar to child tables, more like table multi select fields BUT without the need for a child table to exist in the background.
  2. Change the design for child tables. The UI/UX of frappe and ERPNext is simply gorgeous however could we have a lighter or less “prominent” design for child tables? (So that they look unanimous with the rest of the form, instead of having grey borders etc)
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I ever implemented a multi select control which stores the values in a data field just like tags and can be used in child table.

Yip, trust accounting is rather tedious with journal work-arounds, and way too much development work to adapt the accounting module for specific trust accounting. I see that there is a module in Odoo but I do not think it is well tested.

Adding a production plan for “process manufacturing”.


Thanks for info on bin i did not know about that and it realy help me. Also i dont undestand what you ment by “can convert UOM in ledger “views”.” can you provide more data or example. If not my used case would be you have multiple UOM on a item and want t check inventory base on UOM.

Check “Include UOM” field on Stock Ledger/Balance report, that converts available qty from base UOM to your specified UOM based on conversion specified.

(maybe we should label this “convert UOM”?)

Screenshot 2021-08-04 at 8.45.01 PM.png

Thank you.
This work

I am really new here, so please don’t mind if what I say makes less sense. I always thought Frappe was the platform (empty house) and ERPNext was the monolith (fully-furnished house)

Maybe you could say frappe is more like the land :smiley: