Erpnext 15 cannot add field to user form -> while erpnext 14 can

Why can’t I edit the user doctype in version 15 while I can in version 14? Is there any documentation for version 15? I would like to add custom field to the user form in user doctype

Hi @church666,

If you want the updates you make in your DocTypes, Reports, etc., to impact the app repository, you need to switch to Developer Mode. To access all the features of Developer Mode, make sure you’re logged in as the “Administrator” user.

Please check its documentation.

And simple ways like
Inside the frappe-bench folder, run the command

bench set-config developer_mode 1

// OR

bench --site [your_sitename] set-config developer_mode 1

Thank You!

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Thank you NPC. Cheers! :clinking_glasses: