ERPNext 7 Showcase : Updated POS

  1. We now support Offline POS that can store upto a 1000 entries offline and syncs automatically when it can find an internet connection.
  2. Payment can be made with different modes
  3. You can change the amount for items
  4. You can create customers right from the POS

Payment Dialog

Items Dialog

Invoice List


Guys this is just amazing.

SUPERB! Really awesome.

Great stuff

Excellent. Thank you for your efforts in regularly enhancing ERPNext. Question. Will POS module be touch sensitive if plugged into a touch monitor?

I believe so, since the whole interface works perfectly in touch-sensitive devices (e.g. tablets, smartphones).

This is great news. I have a question; Is Offline POS a web app or a windows app?

its a “web app” so to say

so its OS independent if that is what you mean

Thanks @spa. Just confirmed.

Just to clarify — in fact, there is no separate “Offline POS app”. Offline functionality is an integrated part of POS module, which itself is a part of ERPNext, which itself is an application, built on Frappe framework. The latter is platform independent, but requires modern browser.

You can test POS module here:
password: demo

One big guestion by my part, the POS offline works yes, but i dont have connection to internet or to the server on the moment i open the POS i cant do nothing, its only offline after i connect to it!

if you are offline in the first place you can not connect to POS
you need to initially load the module - for that you need connection to your network if selfhosted or internet if cloud hosted

I think @strixaluco explains it good

“Offline” in this case does not mean without any Internet/LAN
it means the POS once opened does not necesarily require server connection to make or end transactions
I could be wrong but mainly this just speeds up the Process of making a POS transaction as you dont need to wait for the server to answer all the time

thanks understood