ERPNext 7: When adding a logo image in setup process, <img src="... shows up as homepage page title

Hi all,

I have noticed that when I create an ERPNext 7 instance, and in the setup process during first run provide a Logo file (not a letterhead image, a logo), the HTML to call the image is injected as the page’s <title>.

Please see attached image showcasing what I am referring to.

Any idea as to how to fix this?



Forgot to upload. Here it is

Thanks for reporting this. You are awesome!

We’ve pushed a fix. Can you update?

Hi @anand, happy to!

I’ve updated my instance and it seems it’s now been fixed, it simply says “None”.

I assume that its from the experimental “Homepage” feature in the Website module :slight_smile:

I have looked for the appropriate UI field to update the Homepage title, but I couldn’t find one as I could in other pages. Am I looking in the wrong place or perhaps it hasn’t been implemented as of yet?

Either way, I just want to say fantastic work @anand and team! Really appreciative of all the work you and the rest of the team have put into this absolutely beautiful product. Cheers!