ERPNext: Ability to group products in Sales Invoice


If we have many subitems such as Shirt (S,M,L,XL), normally in the Delivery Note we specify the sizes, but there is no need to do the same in Sales Invoice. Is there any way I can invoice Shirt, but in the delivery note specify sizes?

Have you looked into the concept of “Item Variants”. This may be what you need.

Of course, you can always change the description on the invoice items.

I have, and use it often.

But my issue is not changing the description name as much as grouping. For example if I am selling a Green Shirt, regardless of the size I will sell at the same price point. So I can sell it as Green Shirt but in the delivery note will specify the exact item to discount from warehouse.

So in the Invoice I may have:
Green Shirt - 10 units - 2$

In delivery note
Green Shirt L 2 units
Green Shirt M 5 units
Green Shirt XL 3 units

I see.

You have item code, item name and description.

You can choose to print (say) the item name in the delivery note, and the description field in the invoice (and hide the item name. We kind of use this to sell wrapped vs unwrapped products to certain clients.

you’d still have an invoice line for each variant (each with a uniform name, rather then the variant specefics though).

i don’ think there is a way to achieve what @Abishek wants to do.


Yes this is the issue I am grappling with. Because it is very common for the Invoice to be organized by major item allowing the invoices to be smaller and more grouped while Delivery Notes to have full detail of what is actually being sold.

In my opinion,
Invoices should be opened up to Item Templates so as to sell templates (and when this is done block the checkbox that discounts stock in the invoice).
While Delivery Note keep as is.