ERPNext always fails when setting up for the first time. Any specific reason?

We don’t like how it always fails with Request Timed Out when setting up and configuration ERPNext for the first time.


this happen when you do wizard setup ??

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Yes. Every time.

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I see in the terminal on my local that it compile python files, and it breaks in after each domain or some files , i keep click on the submit again till it compile all domains files …
but if you use ** bench migrate** it will solve this since it recompile python files .
i spin new bench and test it on my local and it works fine after migrate .

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@bkm what do you think

Well, the migrate command does not come into play with the startup wizard because it only runs the first time a fresh install is done in order to setup the basic requirements to begin populating a system.

What you are doing is actually trying to update an existing system with either a different database or migrating an existing database across versions. Additionally you appear to be doing all this in a developer system and not a production system.

I only work within production systems and cannot address any issues from developer installations.


@asifmohtesham here is one of many discussions : Wizard won't finish - #6 by MartinHBramwell

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Yes. I just repeat the setup process again and again until I reach the desk display.