ERPNext <> setuping ERPNext for Ecommerce business amazon and flipkart

I am selling my product on and Flipkart and I have more than 500 orders daily.
I am going to set up ERPNext for business.

I have a couple of questions while using ERP for my business

  1. How should I manage daily new 500 customer entries?
  2. How Should I manage B2B for taxation without customer profile?

Hello and Welcome @BakarAli It’s great to have you join the ERPNext community.

I don’t experience with, but you can use the ERPNext E-commerce integration and connect to Amazon’s SP-API:

We have several customers successfully pulling those kinds of volumes. Amazon has a pretty strict policy about PII (Personally Identifiable Information) as you may already know. So if you are doing any FBA business, you will not get any info about them in the API (no name, contact, address etc). So the customer name ends up being something like “Amazon India”.

… and unfortunately I don’t have any experience with FlipKart or Indian Taxes, although I am sure others on here do.

One last thought… If you are doing your own fulfillment and are using something like ShipStation to generate shipping labels, it is fairly easy to pull your orders from there and get them into ERPNext. That might be a simple way to pull orders from FlipKart and other channels.

Best wishes and again, it is great to have you in the community.


Thanks, @MichaelPinkowski for your reply.

I can’t use connect to Amazon’s SP-API because I have to make some changes like items name, compatible product. So I have written our own API to transform data.

And why do I need the customer’s profile, Because to carry forward GST credits to the customer.