ERPNext and API's syncing

Hello, everyone, first let me explain a Idea.

How an external API works internally is a magic for everyone. But we can communicate with the API’s using the HTTP Protocol and your methods. But a machine (Robot → Bot), needs understand which parameters have to be passed to the call to get a expected result (Resource)

For get a result from a API we have a Bot (collector Bot), him only is capable of get a result from a API call, after get the result him need parse this result for we be able to understand the content, for this the Bot will delegate another Bot (a parser Bot).

A parser Bot is a bit more smart than a collector, him is capable of transliterate the information between fields and sanitize the information, but after sanitization and data parsing the bot will delegate the information for other group of Bots (the experts Bots).

The experts Bots dont are more smart than a parser Bot, but the power of this bots are the hability of work in group. These bots have the habilty of deduplicate, filter and group the content. After process the information, the group will delegate the information for the final Bot, this bot is the Output bot.

The Output Bot, are not smart him will only delegate the information for a doctype or for another API. Yeah, you read it right! You can use this for move information between API’s, not just only ERPNext.

Finally, Storage methods can raise events, these events can start a bot for export a information.

I posted this issue here, because I want hear you about some ideas regarding some issues that you have faced about API’s sync process. If you are facing issues regarding API’s integration let’s join knowledge.
I’m looking to some ideas too, about the UI for manage the Bot and the process flow.

If this idea is hard to you understand let me know what is the issue, for I improve.

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@max_morais_dmm this is really hard! Explain a use-case?

@rmehta, Not too hard how I was imaginated, I’m facing some small issues regarding the design of the UI and some differences in the implementation of the OAuth Protocol in each API.

@rmehta, I’m checking the posts here, and many persons are seeking for integrations with API’s.

I have developed the scheme for API’s registry and the Bot’s too, but I’m working in small issues for connect all, and I’m studing how to run all bots as a independent service each one.

I know that the idea is not clear at all, but API’s syncing is a issue that will increase everytime more and more, and just contextualize, if you have a ERPNext instance, and sell’s in Ebay and Amazon, having 30k of sellable products in ERPNext you want manage 90k of records. Today API’s is the solution for this question but I believe that design a standard is will be most coerent solution instead of develop each integration on demand.

My codes are being pushed to GitHub - MaxMorais/programmer: ERPNext for Programmers