ERPNext and Frappe Version 14 Release 🎉

amazing work… hats off

As on the previous Versions the team and all involved did and still doing a very good work.

For sure more and more will join this big and great Frappe&ERPNext Family.

Congratulations :clap: :clap: :clap: :partying_face: :tada:

Great news guys!

Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide to install ERPNext v14 :point_down:

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Has anyone tried the Easy Install? Does it work well for version 14?

Hi All,
Great work Frappe Team, Congrats!

Any available documentation about upgrading sites (in production) from release 13 to 14 in a Docker Swarm installation?

I noticed that the whole Docker Swarm installation guide has been removed from the installation instructions on GIT.

Do you recomend creating a new server from scratch, install release 13 as per frappe_docker/ at main · frappe/frappe_docker · GitHub (this does not include the Docker Swarm), backup (sites from Docker Swarm) and restore them on the new server. Then upgrade to release 14?


you’ll have to wait.

I’ve not upgraded my sites to v14. Whenever that happens I’ll share the process.

if you use swarm use this. ERPNext on Docker Swarm · GitHub

I’ve shared this with you before.


made images for my setup using gitlab container registry castlecraft / CEPL ERPNext Images · GitLab

Thanks life saver … I will definitely wait, I’m also not aware how the HR/Payroll modules will be installed as different HRMS module in release 14.

I’m aware of the code you have shared with me with thanks, but was just wondering why it has been removed from the official installation steps on GIT.


I tried to modify the pwd.yml and add --install-app hrms
but it seems did not find that app and stop the execution

build your own image

@revant_one but hrms is not a custom app, its like payments. it was free built in frappe

Someone else can answer that. There’s pinned issue related to this on frappe_docker github repo.

No it’s not like payments, without payments you cannot install ERPNext, without hrms you can install ERPNext.

Here are other official frappe repos (mostly all are free)

You are free to build your images. If you want to build an image with all apps you can do it!

Thank you all your efforts!
Just updated from v13 without any hassle.

Have good health and great future!