ERPNext and Frappe Version 14 Release πŸŽ‰

ERPNext and Frappe version 14 is out now and the monolith has been broken this time, various modules and integrations were split into separate apps, detailed info about this can be found on the official version 14 release page

While upgrading from version 13 to 14 please keep the app separation in mind and add the necessary apps and follow the below migration help guides

Version 14 feature highlights can be found on release page

To report any issues that you encounter please create a github issue

Thanks to all the contributors and users of ERPNext and Frappe community for their contributions and making this release happen.


Congratulations to the Frappe team!!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Thanks so much to all involved. :+1:

Does Frappe 14 now come with Workspace 2.0? In particular, do we now have Role based Workspaces?


I’m so proud of you all!!! It has been a long run since the beginning and you are still doing a great work here.

Thank you all.

Good Job. Congratulation to the entire team and thank you so much for continually building a robust open source product.

Congratulations to the Frappe team!!!

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Congratulation Frappe Team !!!

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Nice , well done to team Frappe and all involved.
Will be spinning a test site soon …

This is awesome.

Great news! What are the instructions to migrate to V14 on Frappe Cloud? Is it already available there and if not when will it be?

To answer my question. For Frappe Cloud users, this seems to be the way to upgrade to V14 (I haven’t tested it, whether it works):

It seems V14 is not yet on the marketplace though (only the beta version):

i am a big fan of erpnext. i think for installation should be make easy and a proper official guide. for latest versions. like other competitors in open source market. Thank you. you guys are awsome.

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any tutorial / list instruction to safe new/clean install? many tutorials have errors on beta.


Just a heads up to anyone using the Education module, version 14 introduces a regression that makes Fees documents unpayable. Hopefully a fix will be introduced soon.


To take a quick look using docker. You need docker and docker compose installed. Commands also need wget or curl to be installed.

# Use wget
# Or use curl
curl -o pwd.yml
docker compose -p pwd -f pwd.yml up -d
docker logs pwd-create-site-1 -f

Once the site creation is complete open http://localhost:8080 in browser. username: Administrator, password: admin


Very very Congratulations team Frappe :clap: :clap: :clap: :raised_hands:

Good job and thanks to ERPNEXT & FRAPPE team and contributors.

any manual install 22.04? not docker

I want to join community members to thanks all frappe team, thanks a lot