Frappe v14 beta launch date


Anyone here knows when we can expect new release of Frappe v14 (beta or stable)?

Just for testing but i’m facing some issues that seems resolved in further versions …
Thank you!

V14 beta-2 was released 3 months ago:

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We are already diggin’ on beta.2 now … just wondering about next beta … Maybe there is a roadmap or something else that we didn’t know.

Thanks so much, Raffael.

No road maps available. All you can do is revisit the forums, and look for an announcement. Rarely is there any advance notice.

“First rule of ERPNext Release is that you don’t talk about ERPNext Release.”


Oh, I need this now … xD

Thank you, Brian!


You never can tell … :joy:

Beta 4 is here!


Then one day, you open the forums in your browser, and it’s there! :partying_face:

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:joy: :joy: I really appreciate you remember this post
Thanks Brian.