ERPNext and OKR tracking

Has anyone implemented OKRs in ERPNext? I don’t find anything of the sorts. Has anyone considered it?

Assuming OKR refers to “Objectives” and “Key Results”, this will help curious types learn more

Correct, that is what I meant, thanks @clarkej

did you get some where?
How about we collaborate to do this?

hey are there any informations about this?

if there are some who needs to implement them, i want be open to discuss the feature, and depending on the first implementation size, i want to develop a app for this.

Hi @Daniel_Grammer,
What are your plans regarding this? I think it’s a great feature to enhance productivity (ideal candidate for an app?!). An MVP also doesn’t seem to be too complex to develop (Text fields for Objectives and Table for Key Results incl. numerical or boolean field to measure the progress). A simple report could be used to give a quick dashboard as form of feedback to the team.
There is already a Github issue on this: OKR · Issue #29633 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub
Maybe interested people could upvote and populate it?
Would be great to have this being implemented in ERPnext.