ERPNext and orderpicking app

I am wondering if there is an option to orderpick with an app. I am doubting between Odoo and ERPNext. Where Odoo has a lot of options and integrations ERPNext is totally open source which is great. This saves money and this could be allocated on supporting certain features for the community…

In short: are there other people working with ERPNext and orderpicking and how advanced?

Hey @Smile, can you add some detail to what you mean by orderpicking? @joshreeder and @jhk have done some work around pick lists, but I wouldn’t know if it matches your use case without some more details.

@Smile Thanks for your post. No there is no order picking feature contributed yet.

If you do end up building / sponsoring one, do consider contributing back. Ultimately its upto to the users to decide, but that is they right way of building open source.

Thanks for the feedback, if I would like such a module / app including picking and cycle count ect. What would be the cost? I know it is super difficult without design but just in average… is it $ 500 or $ 5000

Beside this I would also need a prestashop integration. But I am happy to make it available for the community.



  • Cycle counting, counting when stock is low (right moment) or any other moment spread over the year or certain season.
  • Intake of inventory

Warehouse system

  • Order picking with Android,
  • Order picking using best walking route
  • Printing of packing slip
  • Printing of shipping label
  • Possibility of second warehouse
  • Automatic advice for refill of products from pallet location to pick location
  • Locations for picking and locations for storage
  • Packs (what is the stock of the separate products and if so the stock of the pack)
  • Bulk stock, We have one pallet of stock (for example beans, the can be weight easily in different amounts and are this on stock. But not really as they still need to be packed.
  • Value of stock list
  • Products when packed should get a manual for example to be picked extra.
  • Option to add a goodie to an order automatically
  • Pick orders number on location or on EAN