ERPNext and Percona DB

Hi guys!

I’m new to developing with ERPNext. I’m interested in seeing if I can integrate it with some of my existing systems, but they all use Percona DB and we can’t switch. I had a couple of questions:

  1. I noticed MariaDB is the recommended option, however will EPRNext also work fine with Percona DB?

  2. We use Percona’s cluster replication (PXC) for high availability for our databases. PXC isn’t compatible with MyISAM or ARIA tables. Does ERPNext use any MyISAM or ARIA tables, or are they all InnoDB / xtraDB?


Currently, ERPNext supports MariaDB. you can easily migrate to ERPNext by exporting the data from the old system and import into ERPNext system.
refer Home for support.

Hi, thanks for the reply @rk_root!

I’m just wondering if anyone in the forums has any experience in running it on Percona instead of MariaDB. The only thread I can find mentioning Percona is this: Can i use MySQL instead of MariaDB - #2 by anand

In this thread, @anand said:

In fact, MariaDB should play well with your other software, as it is compatible with MySQL and provides a much more stable InnoDB implementation called XtraDB (by Percona).

I figured that since Percona invented XtraDB and therefore fully supports XtraDB tables, it should work fine. But I just wanted to check first. We’re really happy with Percona and have lots of systems built around it, so we don’t want to switch. And we’d prefer to not have to run a second MySQL server just for ERPNext if we can avoid it :slight_smile:


I think the ErrorLog table uses MyISAM and all other tables use InnoDB. You can check this in the DocType.

I don’t know anything about Percona. However, if it’s basically the same as MySQL with some added “extras”? Then it should work with ERPNext.

Best way to find out is to try.

It’s worth mentioning that since version 10.2, MariaDB InnoDB is no longer based on the XtraDB engine. It’s using the MySQL InnoDB again. I doubt this makes a difference, though.

Great, thanks all! Will give it a shot and report back.

@Pawan One suggestion- if the error log is using MyISAM (I’ll check this and let you know) then I think it’s worth switching it to InnoDB as well, unless it’ll break something. MariaDB’s built-in Galera replication is becoming really important for high availability and it doesn’t support replication of MyISAM tables. Percona PXC also uses Galera for replication.

@menathor were you able to get it to work with Percona?