ERPNext and Third Party Integration

ERPNext with it’s potential features could be more than what it is and could help deliver desired and out of the box solutions. It’s capabilities such as customisable and REST support makes it best fit as a backend manager to various applications and solutions. We have explored these capabilities over a period with various different executions. This is just an effort to collaborate all these details.


@gupteshwar send in Pull Requests. Get these integrations into the product itself!


@neilLasrado, yes.

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Yes, as many of these integrations would apply to a lot of people, and why duplicate the effort. As I understand that this is the new philosophy. Everyone will benefit

@neilLasrado @gupteshwar that would be awesome. I was about to start on a moodle integration for a local charter school for teens that are at risk and this integration would help the non profit.

@woakes070048, thats good. We can definitely start on this contribution. We are still working on the integration but those are too peculiar to the requirement as of yet. Will share the updates.

Have you made any progress with the moodle integration?

I found Very good solution for that someone built for me in freelancerone his profile