ERPNext and Vitess

Hi everyone,

Anybody who used Vitess with ERPNext before? We want to scalable MySQL instances and we decided to use Vitess for this but I’m not sure about ERPNext work well with Vitess. Anybody have experience about this?

I don’t think ERPNext work very well with clustering tools. I have try it with cluster control using HAProxy or ProxySQL and it does not work very well especially when you have to change port from default to custom port and the way how ERPNext used separate user for each site if you are using multiple tenant. You have to ensure the users are sync across all node in your cluster. May be i did not setup my cluster correct, but I have revert to single host. If you want I can give you access to cluster control for testing.

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Thanks for quick reply Jermaine!

So database will be bottleneck on somewhere. Actually i want to use PostgreSQL, it’s has a lot of option for scaling and HA but ERPNext not supported fully yet :frowning:

Probably I will continue with MariaDB read-only replicas with seperating read write queries to different MariaDB instances.

Postgres support might be closer than you think :slight_smile:

ref: [Announcement] Introducing Frappe Query Builder

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Am will to contribute to make this a reality. i can try in production or contribute in other way please let me know what i should do.

Actually production usage experience could help a lot of Frappe users. Maybe you can write a blog for developers about it.