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I install ERPNEXT app from google play in mobile , but when i open and select server ( ip address on ERPNEXT in our LAN ) i received error message of " Does not seem like a valid server address. Please try again "
For security issue we have to keep erpnext in local lan , and from out side access to server by vpn , does this app work ???

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VPN if setup properly then there is no limitation on ERPNext side.

Office Network < VPN / Router >—INTERNET—< VPN + 3G/WIFI > Your Phone

You will need Internet or Network connection via VPN on your Phone to connect to your office network as VPN server will be located on your office location, if port and NATing is properly done then as per my knowledge there should not be any problem with ERPNext behind NAT/VPN setup.

Updating ERPNext might pose some trouble unless you setup network and routing path correctly.

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I already connect to vpn , i can open ip address on erpnext from chrome in mobile , but erpnext APP not work , even from local lan when i connect to wifi not work , when i enter erpnext ip address in mobile app i get this error : Does not seem like a valid server address. Please try again " :
i think you don’t understand what was problem .

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Nobody seems to be giving help on this issue , I have a local erpnext susyem running on ubuntu through docker , can access via chrome but app keeps raising internal server error 500 . No answer has worked for two weeks now , probably will loose the job.

Please start a new thread and give details of what you have tried and the actual and expected results.

You only joined the forum in the past 9 or 10 hours. Were you using a different user ID when trying to find an answer for this over the past 2 weeks? If so, please link to those requests and let us see how much you have already tried so we can better provide answers.

I have been using Chrome on Android (v8) tablets for over year to run this system (v10) with no issues. I even use the HP Print Add-on application to allow the tablet to print directly to HP printers for sales invoices and reports.

The actual Android App for erpnext is behind the stable releases and development releases by several versions. So using the Chrome browser has been the workable solution to this date.


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Using VPN?
Well, I believe your problem is network issue.
Are you sure that you are able to ping the ERPNext server from the client side (which might be laptop or smartphone or iPad)?
Please confirm your network accessibility and then you will be able to browse the ERPNext page.

Moreover: if you need to access the ERPNext locally (from the machine it self) or from the LAN, without VPN, then what the URL you place in the browser? I need to know if you are using the correct port or not.


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i have tried its work very well just check it
http:// and https://

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