ERPNext Android POS - Mandatory fields requred


When I try to create New Sales Order in POS in ERPNext for Android, default view is Point-of-Sale View and there first I go with choosing of client, then I search for products, enter their quantities and when I tap on the blue checkmark, (up right corner of the screen) to finish the order, I receive the message: Mandatory fields required in Sales Order Delivery Date and am unable to finish the order.

In order to finish the order I have to tap left of the check-mark, to pick up Form View and then I can enter Delivery Date and finish the order.

It would be better if Delivery Date can be picked in Point-of-Sale View in order to speed up the process of ordering.

Another thing that I have experienced here is when I try to tap on + or - sign to increase/decrease the qty of some product, screen is going up and down by itself as I have scrolled up/down and +/- sign is not pressed and quantities are not updated. I am using Samsung Galaxy Edge and I can imagine how it would be on some smaller screens. Here I can suggest if possible to increase the size of + and - signs in order to have better input.

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While creating Sales Order, POS View should be used only for the Item selection. For entering values in the other field, you should switch to the form view.

Only POS (Sales) Invoice can be created completely from POS View only. For other transactions, POS View is mainly used for quick selection of items.

Issue about scrolling, please post it on our Github Issue list. Once resolved, we will update you via Github Issue.

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Mobile sales procedure will be quicker and easier if Delivery date is present in POS View as well.

About scrolling issue, I have noticed the same thing in Google Chrome browser, How should I label it in Github, as mobile or else?


In ERPNext, forms are optimized for the mobile use as well. Please use POS View only for the item selection, and then switch back to form view.

Please post scrolling related issue on Github. We will tag it from here.