ERPNext API and autohotkey scripting

Hello everybody.

Does have anybody experience with the erpnext api in conjunction with autohotkey ?

Perhaps some samples, ideas or implemented projects?

Best regards

It’s relatively easy to extend keyboard.js. Here’s a snippet:

frappe.ui.keys.on("ctrl+q", () => {
    //... your function here

You’re going to have conflicts with keyboard mappings depending on the browser. There is a way to defeat it, but the technique for that is browser-specific and outside the scope of your question.

… which I now realize was not your question. How does autohotkey make HTTP requests? Then you’re constructing an autohotkey client with some kind of session management… I think this is either the wrong hammer or the wrong nail…

Http requests are possible with autohotkey, but i´m not sure whether autohotkey use a extra library to do a connection to the erpnext api.

I think this is not the wrong hammer and also not the wrong nail. :wink:

Because it´s easy do create a program with autohotkey, and with the frappe api you could send the information into your system of erpnext. So all data are in one System.

A good explained Site is from Joe Glines, about the webservice api in autohotkey.

I only wanted to ask, perhaps somebody have the previous site with this Site combined.

And a sample in using.