ERPNext Arch Linux Installation Process Failure

Hi everyone,

I’ve been trying to install ERPNext on Arch Linux for about 2 days, following the official guide on GitHub, guide, but when i reach the step to download the erpnext package from the official repo on GitHub, i got the following error.

I read something about using Python 3 instead of Python 2 (as the official guide uses pip2), so can i assume the guide for Arch Linux is kinda out of date?

I would love to test your nice-looking and promising software (with a futurist partnership on the horizon), but of course, i would need to test it first locally on a VM, and when I’ll be able to successfully install it and put it to deployment/production, then i’ll consider to become a partner with Frappe.

I would be terrifically thankful if someone could provide me assistance/help to continue with the process.

I’m considering the Docker option, but i see i would need to build it myself, because the official ones and the ones i found are quite out of date.

Thank you very much in advance.

I hope you’ll keep on rocking with such an interesting ERP software :slight_smile:.

Best regards.

Docker is now up to date. Check this thread

Most of the steps remain the same apart from the one for installing bench. You can install it directly using pip install frappe-bench:


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Hmmm, i tried that, following the steps but replacing pip2 with pip, but the moment when i got to the step bench get-app erpnext GitHub - frappe/erpnext: Free and Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), it keeps throwing me the same error, i kinda could read the red log of error, and something like “please use Cython”, which i can’t understand.

I attach the screenshot of the final log, so you can see it. I really don’t understand what’s the issue here, maybe it’s a lacking storage issue, i just gave 8 GiBs to the 2 partitions, and before trying to install ERPNext with bench, it was almost full, (about 700 MiB free), could that be the issue I’m facing here?

As always, thank you very much for your support and great work. I read that Arch Linux is not a recommended GNU/Linux distro to install frappe software, but i don’t really understand why that should be a problem. I feel much more comfortable on Arch than on any other distro, so, I’ll keep trying to getting working here, if you or any other mate can support me, I’ll be really grateful :slight_smile:.

Best regards ^^.

You’re quite daring you know??
Trying a production server on a rolling release distro is a risky plan, but not impossible. I am package maintainer as Manjaro Linux for ARM devices and I myself think that installing any production server on arch would need alot of extra work which is more of adding deps to ignore list.

I will see what could be the issue.

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I use pyenv and nvm

It doesn’t spoil root environment.


what I hear is, you want to set up a production instance on a rolling distribution, using the primary tool installed on PY2 and the actual frappe environment on untested PY3.8


From the screenshot (and the ModuleNotFoundError) what I can infer is that erpnext isn’t installed in your bench’s virtual env. Perhaps try installing it again on your bench; either via bench get-app or bench pip or just manually by accessing the env pip.

Basically, that was at the start point, but i moved from Python 2 to Python 3, but still the same issue, as you can see on my latest reply.

What i can’t say is if the issue comes because when i try to install ERPNext i haven’t got enough space on the VM or why.

When i changed from Python 2 (which is really deprecated and EOL) as you know, to Python 3, i supposed that issue would disappear, but nope, as i showed, it’s still there.

I’ll try that, even though i reinstalled everything from the start, not the distro at the VM, of course, but all the Frappe software and still the same error, that’s what’s confusing me.

Thank you very much for your answer :slight_smile: .

Best regards ^^.

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