Erpnext are is for all or just schools?

I’m newbie in erpnext I want ask about what the limited of erpnext? and what the major he play in?
because I have company with 320 employees and I want know what I use ?
when I browse code of erpnext I found patch named school what is this ?
are this is erp for what business requirement or for schools?
and if him for any business majors, why you not make schools as module can be install if you needed ? and if I want removed it from my system and customize it for my business ? and in the last i see odoo is more featured then erpnext so what the the point to use erpnext and why ?

ERPNext is not just for Schools,which is a fully Featured Opensource ERP Solution with more User-Friendly way of approach towards Integrated Business Management.

You can visit the Below link to know about ERPNext in Depth…

So what is the school patch??
and i want removed it totally from system

It is integrated with ERPNext…it is not removable…but you can hide from user access
ERPNext is fully featured with Role based System unless you are given the school module access,it will never visible to any user other than Administrator…

@himalsaman The main advantage of ERPNext over Oddoo is ERPNext is Open source and Odoo is not and to see all the advantages of ERPNext over Odoo refer this thread

Ravindra Lakal
New Indictrans Technologies PVT LTD

thanks bro
but if I want create some modules for erpnext in future and investment in it and re-sell it ?
without school patch!!

thanks @ravindra_l
But I want some specialized answers
First I’m python developer and see (as end user ) erpnext is more simple and not have more complex like odoo
Sure erpnext not have more modules or features like odoo (eg: reports and form builder, auto-transact for stock and employees deductions, auto-create journal entry , modules " if you want start or stop new features must it be from code" and not have more controller in users and permissions).
And as developer,
why converted it to moduls and pluging system it’s be more intersted and flixable and scealed
And can I create my edition and re-sell it for my clients without back to Frappé company and create my modules and sell it
thanks bros this is amazing discuss:kissing_heart:

and I hope you mention more people to join in this discuss:heart_eyes:

If you need to use mobile application, then odoo will request from you to use business package which is licensed.
Creating modules are possible in odoo and erpnext, but easier in erpnext because of the frontend (GUI) tools which is available in setup → customization → doctype.
Odoo was called before by openerp and it was really more open source and more flexible, but they start making it more licensed. Now if you try to use it, you will be chocked that you always need license for this feature and that feature.
Finally, odoo (and openerp) was better looking than now. Really now if you need to use it, then you will suffer from its interface and a lot of bugs.
But let me tell you, that odoo is more rich in features and more deep. It has the ability to do more complex scenarios, but at the same time, still by doing customization on erpnext, you can do the missing needed features.