ERPNext as a project manager and finance tracker

Hello again everyone, long time since I last visited :slight_smile:

I am working on a new project in my company to integrate ERPNext to do some tasks as the following workflows:

Case 1:

  1. Customer service in my company will send an email to ERPNext to request a feature or report a problem.
  2. This problem or feature will be then converted to task or research project (research in the meaning of the efficiency of this request to us) depending on the request.
  3. The project or task will need to have some expenses and ETA to be completed, then take the regular workflow.

Case 2:

  1. Customer service will send an email to report a problem with a partner.
  2. The request will be added as a task to investigate.
  3. In case the investigation was in our favor, the task should issue an invoice to our partner for them to pay with the details of the task.
  4. Partner should go to our backend and accept the invoice to be paid with a receipt number or invoice number from their end.

My questions in here are:

Which industry is most suitable for my cases? Is it services?
Is it possible to convert support ticket to be a task/project?
Is it possible to convert support ticket to be an invoice?
Would I need to do any actually development for this to work?

I know the questions are simple and sort of dull but I have to ask :smiley:


@ramielian welcome back!

I would recommend using ERPNext as-is before investing in customization. Once you have the core processes running, you can invest in the automations you mention.

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Thanks @rmehta :smiley:

Actually right now am almost done, and trying to figure if my modified installation would work on your premium plans or not (integration issues with slack and company policies).

Just some words: I love ERPNext


Thank you!

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