ERPNext as an HR and Accountinv system

Hi everyone,

I’m new here and want to try out ERPNext as it looks very full featured. To start, I just want to make use of ERPNext as an Accounting and HRIS system. I’d like to ask for your recommendations and suggestions on how to approach this from scratch. I’m just learning how to use ERPNext as well.

Thank you and I look forward to your suggestions.


Check following help links to know more about HR and Accounting in ERPNext


Prakash H

@dedma: in fact, ERPN may or may not fully meet your expectations with respect to envisioned capabilities of HRIS or Accounting system. This is totally determined by your specific requirements.

For instance, in a some of our projects we had to expend some efforts to customize ERPN’s Accounting subsystem to adapt it to the expectations of a typical US trading and manufacturing company (in terms of charts of accounts, reporting forms etc.). The same is for HRIS capabilities - it may work good “as is” for a manufacturing company doing assembly manufacturing operations, and it won’t fit specific needs of service provider companies (like legal offices, BPO, creating design agencies etc.).

So the bottom line is to get clear vision of what you require from HRIS/Accounting system in your business. Then you will be able to drive from it, whether customizing ERPN or not.