ERPNext as Multivendor Portal (Marketplace with multiple sellers)

Hello Community,

Can ERPNext be configured to work as a Multivendor platform. Where each vendor should be able to login to his own Desk, browse his own items, item groups, orders, and other masters/transactions. I can understand that the website would need customization to show each vendor and his own products. However, my main concern is the Desk interface, can this be configured easily using User Permission for example or Multicompany mode?

Your feedback/recommendation is highly appreciated.

Waiting for your valuable thoughts on this.

Thank you anyway.

Hi @Alaa,

I think if you have not checked then check its documentation.

Thank You!

Thank you for your reply.

Actually, I am referring to a different concept. I want to set ERPNext as an ecommerce portal. Each vendor is able to list his own items, track his orders only, and get his own reports. Where as the Super Admin can get consolidated reports for all vendors.

This marketplace is not of the same concept.

ERPNext should be able to achieve this as I recall ERPNext has a built-in eCommerce feature. It may require a bit of work for the front end to be rendered as you would want though. But if you ask me Iā€™d say build a custom portal for the frontend and have ERPNext handle everything backend.