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Is there a way to edit/replace the meta tags from the Auto Generated website?

I want remove the meta info descriptions “This is an example website auto-generated from ERPNext” or edit the files containing this info. I have added the meta tags in the header section under website settings that I want to use but the above mentioned meta info still appears.

If anyone can guide me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.

Why are you playing around with the source code files, when you can just change it from the website module > website settings page.

Welcome back to the forum though.

Thanks for the reply. With V10 I had to add the info into the Header section under website settings. And I thought that it would work the same now. But I saw that another section got added where you can add Meta Tags under Website Settings-Website Route Meta.

But will this overwrite the default values. But then again adding meta tags in the header section should work. I just need to know where to replace meta tags that says “This is an example website auto-generated from ERPNext”.

As you can see on the first few lines in my first pic from previous post is the info I want to change.

Any idea how I can change this to the relevant info of the business I am setting up?

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I have found the solution. I just had to edit the default Hero Section under Website settings.

and then changed the Hero section back to the Slideshow I wanted to display.

After that the meta info was changed to my requirement.

Thank you.

Also want to add that I really like all the new features you have in the new version. Keep up the good work.

I would like to edit the default Hero section settings as well, but the option seems to have been removed in V13.

What’s another way to edit all the Website settings (via GUI preferably)?

Hi you can just enter homepage in the search section top right.

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Also if you want to add additional meta info you can do it in the header section